Business Intelligence solutions address complex business problems by providing data users with quick access to the proper information, at any time, from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge users are privileged to invest more time analyzing information and less time gathering information.

Business Intelligence has been treated as a software that is not true since it's more than an answer which might be further mapped to any business with reference to the structure information related to it. the data is gathered from CRM, ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.), excel sheets, text files, legacy systems and data warehouses outturn from ETL process etc., processed according to company's needs and can be presented in a way understandable by business individuals.

We are the team of consultants who are professionals and have undergone needed trainings and possess adequate expertise in handling all the business related tasks. we possess the aptitude to bring new revolution in any business by remodeling the raw data of the company to a significant one and generating best strategy from the same.

With its 'Information Insight' methodology, software concepts helps its clients leverage their information in data warehouse to fullest extent and generate intelligent reports by providing the proper gear and framework to the bi technical team while leaving the end results to user community to research and act. this methodology helps organizations to make an executive data system consisting of a group of customised, high-level, typically graphical views of the organization's information, enabling executive-level management to examine the overall health of their business.

With our Business Intelligence consulting and solutions, you can :

  • Empower your workforce by enabling efficient information sharing across your organization
  • Simplify collaboration and improve financial, analytical and operational reporting
  • Obtain deep insights on business performance and strategies
  • Scale up or down with organizational growth and change

Improve and speed up analytical and ad-hoc reporting through automated solutions. we use industry-best practices to implement effective dashboard development solutions. outline KPIs and metrics, get strong visualisation and imbed dashboards into operational systems and extranets.